Parasites: Get Rid of Them!

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Parasites: Get Rid of Them!

When one mentions parasites most think of of microscopic entities that feed off of a larger host. While those types parasites can hinder you in your quest for Vertality, today we will focus on human parasites and why you must rid yourself of these soul, physical and spiritual leeches. When referring to these types of individuals, lets see what Webster’s dictionary has to say about parasites:



par·a·site : a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery : an organism living in, with, or on another organism in parasitism : something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return


In regards to Vertality, these individuals do nothing to contribute to your individual health. In fact they take away from it. The first step to rid all parasitic entities from your life, is discernment. Family and friends can be one of our greatest sources of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, they can also be one of our greatest sources of pain and heartache. While disconnecting from these individuals can be a painful experience it is a necessary step to your Vertality. When we pass to the spiritual realm we do so on our own. While we can educate, minister and hand hold, we can not escape individual judgement. Some people allow parasites to remain in their presence because they feel responsible for their well being. This can actually increase parasitic behavior, because the person never gets the chance to be self disciplined or accountable for their own actions. Below I will give a few examples of common types of parasites.

Gold digger


This first type of parasite is an individual who looks for romantic or platonic relationships in which they can live off the partner. They especially prey on desperate men/women who will do anything to be in that relationship. They usually have no problem always allowing the partner paying the way or being supported financially. If ever the financial benefits and favor ever dry up, they will leave the host in search of another victim to suck dry. These types of parasites only latch on when you are doing good in life. They want to share your success. They have no problem being there when everything is well and good. If you were ever to need a favor from them that did not lead to some kind of reward, your calls will go straight to voicemail. But you will notice that they are only around when you are on the up and up. If the gravy train were ever to dry up, so will your relationship.

The one upper


Don’t you dare have a good story to try and share with this type of parasite. They will quickly drown your experience out with a bigger and better story of their own. They hate when you are the center of attention and will do whatever they can to redirect any attention from you. These are also the “friends” that make you feel bad for excelling in life when they stay stagnant. They will make fun of you and ridicule you and tell you, you cant take a joke if you were ever to get offended.

A handler




The handler/slave relationship is the most parasitic relationship I have ever seen. Through physical, mental and spiritual manipulation handlers use their victims and exploit their talents, body and resources. Here are a few examples of these parasites:

Exploiting your children


In today’s world we parents regularly exploit our own children for financial gain. Most hope their children’s talents and blessing surpass their own. Sometimes parents hold on to their past and live it through their children. Maybe they weren’t as successful as they wanted to be. Maybe they failed professionally and see their children as their only chance to get ahead in life. Irregardless they turn exploit their children and use them as the breadwinners of the family.


Michael Jackson’s parents are a prime example of this parasitic behaviour. Michael was tremendously successful at a young age. He did not get chance to live as a kid. One with minimal responsibility and the opportunity to grow up in a consistent household. While the abuse damaged all of the Jackson children, it took a significant toll on Michael. The Jackson children were physically, sexually and mentally abused all for the sake of developing their talent.

Human trafficking



The most common handler/slave situation is the pimp/prostitute dynamic. Group that into human trafficking and it is the largest example we have of parasitic behaviour. Prostitution has been around for a very long time. Sex, what once was the result of the institution of marriage is now a commodity. While I will agree that women should be able to do what they want with there body, it is not always their choice. Most are raped and beaten into compliance. Some kidnapped and remove from their environments. The pimps have no talent of their own and have a poor business model. The women make all the money and the pimps extract all of it.

Demonic possession

demonic possesion

Have you ever heard of the body being referred to as a temple?

19 Don’t you know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, 20 for you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

If you have never invited the Holy Spirit to live in your temple, you have an empty house. An empty house can invite unwanted guests. You have something demons want. When a demonic spirit enters a host it relieves or rests the demon (Matthew 5). Some type of demon instinct is gratified by the act. After becoming your handler, demonic spirits go about usurping man’s normal personality, dominating it, and then speaking through organs of articulation.

Another reason why demons seek to possess men and women is for physical gratification. Demons are parasitic. They live off the human body forces. Demons affect the physical health of a victim, they steal vitality and verve, thus robbing health, according to the degree of possession. The demon parasite appropriates to himself or themselves the vital forces, like the leech. Those who have had the conflict with demons and have suffered from partial or full possession, understand all too well.

The Final Word

When you are involved in one sided, parasitic relationships, they drain you. You are left feeling used, underdeveloped and unappreciated. It can ruin your life. In today’s world it is not enough to hope people will do the right thing. Vigilance is needed. Now more than ever we need to gravitate towards positive thinkers. People who seek to uplift you are those that you need to be around. Those who participate in activities that are about giving to their family or community are examples that we need to follow. My challenge to you is to remove these negative parasites out of your life. Perfect your temple to the best of your ability. Call upon the Holy Spirit to fill your body. Eat clean foods that do not deposit poisons in your mind. Follow God’s framework for a healthy life ie.. Ten Commandments. Achieve Vertality! 


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