The purpose of Vertality is to inform, educate and provide the tools you need to connect the soul, body and spirit. To raise the consciousness of our global community. To ultimately achieve Vertality. 

Welcome to Vertality. Here you will find resources, products, education and inspiration to help you achieve Vertality. What is Vertality? It is the combination of the words verve and vitality. It is the term that best describes the goal of this website. Through the many emotional, chemical and spiritual poisons that exist in today’s world our society has been degraded. God and his son Jesus Christ created a framework for which to live by. Only a very small percentage of our global community follow this plan. As we continue in these last days, the evil influence will increase its attempt to corrupt the world throughout.


 Don’t participate in the fruitless works of darkness, but instead expose them. 

Ephesians 5:11
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Whether you realize it or not, a war has been waged against your physical, mental and spiritual health. Families are broken and values are in disarray. This war will not be won with traditional weapons. The name of Jesus Christ and preparing your temple for the holy spirit is your only option for success. The enemy will be defeated with our hearts and uniting with the fellow man. Through thousands of years of bondage we have been made to forget our eternal self (soul) and have been hoodwinked to focus on the physical world. Now more than ever, we need to join with our community to reclaim our physical, mental and spiritual health. Before you can help others you must first, help yourself. By aligning yourself to God’s plan and following the example laid out by Jesus Christ you will be empowered. We are all connected. What happens in other parts of the world does have an effect on us as a whole.

Word for Vertality

I am willing to work for Vertality… are you?

What’s presented here is nothing new. I am just another messenger spreading the Word. I speak from the perspective of an individual whom has made many mistakes. I have lost many battles. I have sinned willingly. I am humbled to know that perfection and total righteousness is an unattainable feat while in this physical world. Please understand that while the articles forthcoming are result of much research and a relationship with Jesus Christ, you will be unable to understand truth fully until you, yourself have a personal relationship with our creator. That relationship via the Holy Spirit should supersede any comment, book, video you may see.


I encourage you all to get involved and take the steps necessary to acheive Vertality.

– Leon Warrior