Thoughts… do they belong to you?

There are vast differences between our internal world and our external world. While we all may portray ourselves a certain way on the outside, it can be vastly different than the...

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I’m going to kill myself today… you should too!

Have you ever wondered why you are not as good as you know you ought to be? Have you ever been deeply disappointed with something you have done? If you have ever said, “I can’t believe I said or did that,” just know, others have faced the same dilemma. While that is no doubt a significant obstacle in achieving Vertailty, your greatest enemy is the person you see in the mirror.

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Parasites: Get Rid of Them!

Learn how to get these out of your life!

When one mentions parasites most think of of microscopic entities that feed off of a larger host. Today we will focus on human parasites and why you must rid yourself of these soul, physical and spiritual leeches. When referring to these types of individuals, lets see what Webster’s dictionary has to say about parasites:

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Womb-Man: Happy Mother’s Day

All too often we take for granted the stability a mother can provide a household. I am happy we reserved a day to give special recognition to all the mothers of this world. The mother represents three of creators greatest attributes: love, life cultivation and the ability to nurture life.

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When you die

Where will you go?

In this day and age we experience life in a world full of uncertainty. There are many things that are not guaranteed. The one absolute I have come to terms with is that we will all experience a physical death at some point in our life. So the question is: what happens immediately after death?

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